Warm-up (5 min)

2 Minute bottom of goblet squat hold

2 Sets:

10 Wall Ball Cleans

10 Wall Ball Push Press

10 Wall Ball Thrusters

Rest 90-120 Seconds Between Sets

Specific (15 min)

Intent: As we get into bigger sets of wall balls our focus is shifting to using what we have learned in the beginning weeks of this program and applying it in bigger unbroken sets. Your goal is to do the reps unbroken each set of this workout.

Wall Balls

2 Sets of 10 Reps

Rest 30 Seconds Between Sets

Focus on speed each set. Fast off the floor, quickly complete the first rep, and fast through the remaining reps.

2 Sets of 15 Reps

Rest 45 Seconds Between Sets

Focus on breathing through each rep with a consistent cadence.

2 Sets of 25 Reps

Rest 60-120 Seconds Between Sets