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CrossFit Big D is proud to present The "Lone Star Shootout". This is going to be a Texas sized Team Competition 2 Men and Women on each team that will be held at CrossFit Big D in Dallas, Texas. Want to know how you affiliate will stack up against the best in the Region this coming competition season? Well sign up and shoot it out with the best and see where you stack up!

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EVENT 1: Team Carry + Pair Synchro

Full Team will complete the following:

  • 500m Farmer Carry at 53/35# (35/26# Scaled)
  • 100 Synchro KB Thrusters
  • 500m Farmer Carry

- First pair will tag the second pair after the 400m Run

- First pair must complete 20 DB Snatches and 20 Burpees BEFORE the second pair can begin their DB Snatches

- Third pair CANNOT begin their 400m Run unless the First pair has completed 20 DB Snatches and 20 Burpees to Plate

- Second pair must complete 20 DB Snatches and 20 Burpees BEFORE the third pair can begin their DB Snatches

Score = Total Time to Complete workout

Time Cap = 10 Min

- If not completed in 10 min Time Cap there will be a 1 Second penalty added for every rep not completed

- 6 Athlete Co-Ed Teams pairs will be M/M F/F and M/F

- 4 Athlete Co-Ed Teams pairs will be M/F and M/F


EVENT 2 + EVENT 3: Odd Object Triplets

Event 2: Female Relay

  • 50’ Overhead Lunge w/ 35# KB’s (26# Scaled)
  • 50’ Front Rack Lunge w/ 35# KB’s (26# Scaled)
  • 10 D-Ball Clean to Shoulder at 100# (80# Scaled)
  • 50’ Front Rack Carry w/ D-Ball at 100# (100/80# Scaled)

- 1:00 Reset -

Event 3: Male Relay

  • 50’ Overhead Lunge w/ 53# KB’s (35# Scaled)
  • 50’ Front Rack Lunge w/ 53# KB’s (35# Scaled)
  • 10 D-Ball Clean to Shoulder at 150# (100# Scaled)
  • 50’ Front Rack Carry w/ D-Ball at 150# (100# Scaled)

- This is a relay style event in which one athlete will complete all the work before tagging the next athlete in

- Women will go first, Men will go second

Score = Total Time to complete workout

Time Cap - 12 min per triplet

- 1 second penalty will be added for every rep not completed within the Tim Cap

EVENT #4: Pick your Poison (Relay Style)

4 Athlete Teams: (Scaled Reps + Movements + Weights)

Athlete 1:

  • 300’ Endless Rope
  • 40 Toes to Bar (40 Toes to Bar)
  • 10 Wall Ball at 30/20# (10 Wall Ball at 20/14#)

Athlete 2:

  • 300’ Endless Rope
  • 30 Pull Ups (30 Toes to Bar)
  • 20 Wall Ball at 30/20# (20 Wall Ball at 20/14#)

Athlete 3:

  • 300’ Endless Rope
  • 20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (20 Toes to Bar)
  • 30 Wall Ball at 30/20# (30 Wall Ball at 20/14#)

Athlete 4:

  • 300’ Endless Rope
  • 10 Bar Muscle Ups (10 Toes to Bar)
  • 40 Wall Ball at 30/20 (40 Wall Ball at 20/14#)

- This is a relay style event where the only structure is the reps schemes and movements for each Athlete. Teams can choose any athlete that want to go for their team for each section of the Event.

- All athletes will start will the Endless Rope pull, move to the Gymnastics portion and then finish with wall balls. Once completed with wall balls they will tag the next partner in line.

Score = Total Time to complete workout

Time Cap - 12 min

- 1 second penalty will be added for every rep not completed within the Tim Cap


  • 3 Min - Max Cal Row
  • 3 Min Max Thrusters at 135/95# (95/65#)

- This is a full Team Event with two group of athletes starting on opposite movements

- Guys will start on rower/thrusters and Girls will start on rower/thrusters

- Athletes will work for 3 mins on either movement at the same time

- After 3 mins the groups will switch and continue for another 3 mins for 6 min total work

SCORE = Total Reps completed for Thrusters and Cals Row


Female Athlete 1:

  • 25 Cal Bike + 6 KB Deadlifts at 106# (70#) + 30' Handstand Walk (Burpee Broad Jump)

Female Athlete 2:

  • 15 Cal Bike + 10 KB Deadlifts at 106# (70#) + 50' Handstand Walk (Burpee Broad Jump)

Male Athlete 1:

  • 40 Cal Bike + 6 KB Deadlifts at 150# (106#) + 30' Handstand Walk (Burpee Broad Jump)

Male Athlete 2:

  • 20 Cal Bike + 10 KB Deadlifts at 150# (106#) + 50' Handstand Walk (Burpee Broad Jump)

- The Finals all athletes will be broken into Individuals and Individually Scored Events.

- Each Event will be score separately, scores updated between each Mini Final Event until all athletes have completed their Event


Score = Total Time to complete workout

Time Cap -3 min

- 1 second penalty will be added for every rep not completed within the Tim Cap




  • A Regional Caliber Competition deserves Regional Quality Equipment/ Rogue Fitness has signed on to be the official Equipment Supplier for the Lone Star Shootout!


  • Compete Every Day embodies the spirit of Competition in our daily lives. We can think of no better way to outfit out Competitors and Volunteers than with the designs and spirit of Compete Every Day. All shirts designed and printed by Compete Every Day and you can get their gear onsite on competition day.
  • All Registered Athlete and Volunteers will receive a FREE Lone Star Shootout Shirt or Tank


  • The pioneers of the Recovery Center world, formally known as CryoUSA has now evolved and improved into Phoenix Regen Center.
  • Phoenix Regen will be on site for Athletes with NormaTec and Kinetic Therapist for body work throughout the day for Free
  • All Registered Athlete will receiver a Free Cryo Session at Phoenix Regen just for registering


  • Powerdot uses electrical muscle stimulation to activate your muscle fibers so you can get stronger and recover faster. Use an app on your mobile phone to initiate and control your workouts. You select the muscle groups you want to target and an impulse is sent to the pods that causes your muscles to activate. It’s that simple.
  • The winning 6 Athlete Team will all receive their very own PowerDot unit valued at $250!


  • We offer intravenous and intramuscular infusions specifically designed by our medical staff for a wide range of issues, whether you are looking for immediate relief, maintaining a supplementation regimen, training for a big event, jumpstarting a weight-loss effort, starting a cleanse, or you just want to see what it feels like.
  • Depleted after a strenuous workout? Prepping for the big day? Restore and re-energize your dehydrated and aching muscles with this winning infusion loaded with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that promote lean muscle mass, speed recovery, and enhance performance.


  • The leader in Performance Menswear, Mizzen+Main is the original and more innovative company on the market.
  • Top Men athletes for both RX and Scaled teams will receive a gift certificate for one Free Mizzen+Main shirt and 2nd/3rd Place men will receive $75 and $50 Gift Certificate as well.


  • Competition and Lululemon go hand it hand all the way back to the O.G. days of Fitness! We are proud of have Lululemon Knox Street apart of Lone Star Shootout this year as they will be donating a $125/$75/$50 Gift to every female athlete on the teams for both Scaled and RX Divisions for 1st/2nd and 3rd.
  • Lululemon Knox Street is also giving every athlete 25% off their store location leading up the competition just for signing up!


  • Kill Cliff, Inc was founded by a former Navy SEAL who grew tired of using motrin and caffeine-laden drinks to refuel his body after his daily workouts. Kill Cliff is a functional recovery drink made up of B, C, and E vitamins, electrolytes, and plant extracts including ginger root, green tea extract, and ginseng root powder as well as a unique enzyme blend.

  • All Podium Teams will receive FREE product from Kill Cliff in all Divisions


  • Ascent Native Fuel™ Whey Protein is the go-to post-workout recovery drink to optimize muscle health and performance. They have cut out the over processed middle man and just took it straight from the dairy farms themselves.

  • All Podium Teams will receive FREE product from Ascent Protein in all Divisions


  • Virtuosity Shop is your "One Stop. CrossFit Shop" located in Dallas, TX for ALL your CrossFit accessory and apparel needs.


  • Climbing rope is one of the most intensely grueling tests of upper body strength and endurance around. With every hand change it exhausts and punishes the athlete who isn’t prepared for the challenge. The EndlessRope is an idea born out of necessity. Rope climbing tends to be pass/fail, you have it or you don’t. Being able to scale a rope climb is extremely valuable for novice and expert climbers alike.


  • The Crossover Symmetry exercises are designed to mirror the functional patterning of sport specific movements. They target common deficiencies and muscle imbalances to improve movement and athletic performance. Much of the magic behind Crossover Symmetry lies in the sequencing and programming “behind the bands”. Each exercise has a specific purpose and sequence to effectively address posture, scapula stability and rotator cuff function.
  • The 1st and 2nd Place Team will receive a Affiliate CrossOver Package for their gym valued at $300


  • America made eyewear for the most functional, elite and tactical athletes. Manufactured using a proprietary advanced injection molding process, with high optical grade polycarbonate materials, every pair of Gatorz lenses are crafted with unmatched optical standards that exceed global sunglass standards.
  • The winning 6 Athlete Team will receive a pair of Gatorz Eyewear valued at $180
  • All Registered Athletes will receive 25% Discount for the month of December just for competing in the Lone Star Shootout


  • Atlas Power Wraps protect your wrists by providing support and stability to the wrist during a workout. The wraps minimize stress to the joints and allow for a more complete workout.
  • Wide varieties of colors and styles of wraps
  • Supports and stabilizes wrists
  • Minimizes stress to joints
  • Allows a more comfortable workout
  • Reduces chances of joint injury during lifting and other activities


  • Since 2009, we have worked side by side with our clients to offer individualized therapy, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning methods to ensure you move free. We regularly collaborate with leading sport scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals, and we are committed to challenging the status quo when it comes to optimizing your athletic performance.


Hydrostatic Testing (Underwater Weighing) has become universally regarded by industry experts as the "Gold Standard" in body fat testing.

Body Analytics hydrostatic method uses a three component model which separates the body into 3 areas:

  1. Bone, muscle and organs, along with connective tissue, collectively known as lean mass, sinks (is more dense than water)
  2. Body fat floats (is less dense than water)
  3. Total body water which is neutrally bouyant, but must be removed from your actual weight


  • Bear KompleX (with a "K") was developed by a couple of very average athletes with slightly above average aspirations, and way above average palm rips from the Speal bar. We have worked to create a more comfortable grip unlike any other to enhance the experience for all fitness freaks. Our innovative styling protects your wrist from that pesky buckle, we use the best leather for quality and comfort, and we incorporate several colors and styles to enhance your performance.
  • Winning Teams athletes will all receive a $20 Online Gift certificate to use for Bear KompleX


  • Mach1Foods is a pre-packaged meal company that delivers high quality foods for the individual or family that wants to be healthy but cannot find the time or energy to cook every night or meal prep every Sunday. Mach1Foods was established so that the average person could have an option to get the fuel their body needs each and every day without over-indulging. Our foods are and always will be as close to organic, non-gmo, antibiotic-free, grass-fed, and free range as possible and necessary.


  • Our named is derived from Isaiah 40:31- But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
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- Saturday December 2nd, 2017


- CrossFit Big D



CrossFit Big D

1220 Conveyor Lane

Dallas, TX 75247


- There is open parking spaces around facility and streets

- There is NO SPECTATOR FEE, spectators can come for FREE


- Friday Night 6pm - 8pm @ CrossFit Big D

- Saturday Morning 6-7am @ CrossFit Big D


7:00am - Mandatory Athlete Briefing

8:00am - Event 1

TBD - Event 2

TBD - Event 3/4

TBD - Event 5

TBD - Finals for Scaled Teams

TBD - Finals for RX Teams

TBD - Award Ceremony

TBD - Pre-Purchased Equipment can be picked up


- Food and drinks will be Vendor provided on site for purchase all day from MACH 1 Foods and 40:31 Nutrition.

- Beer, Wine, Coffee, Water and Hot Chocolate is available

- Cash/Card is acceptable

For More Info Contact: