#FBF Flash Back Friday to simpler times... The innocence, purity and power of the Community was manifested through Sport. — To me... - CrossFit is more than a training methodology. - CrossFit is more than the 4 walls and a roof. - CrossFit is more than The CrossFit Games. CrossFit is a combination of everything that can be good in the World. It brings people together under the common bond and understanding we work for everything we get and we support and celebrate those in the journey with us. There is no measure of success other than the willingness to try. We may fall but we shall fall forward together. Help each other up to take on the next challenge. — I’m open minded, excited and ready to embrace what comes next with @rozaeric and the new future of CrossFit and CrossFit Games. — These were some of my fondest memories and it had NOTHING to do with competing in The Open, Regionals or The Games. The bonds and friendships I forged with my members and teammates during these times are still a strong as ever a decade later. This is the CrossFit I’ve been fighting to save, this is the CrossFit I know that still lives in all of us today, this is the CrossFit I want for the future. It has nothing to the with the Sport and everything to do with the Community and Culture that surrounded and supported these moments in time that I cherish so dearly. #CommittedToCrossFit

We are back baby!! — #Repost @getwith_theprogramming with @get_repost ・・・ 🚨🚨NEW EPISODE🚨🚨 — Analyzing the 2012 CrossFit Games! — The competitive landscape has changed again.. literally.  Athletes were taken off site to the now infamous military base "Camp Pendleton" for the first event of the CrossFit Games.  The weekend saw a variety of movements and tests never seen  tested against a bigger, broader collection of athletes.  Bill Grundler and Chase Ingraham determine if all these events stacked up to be a true test to find the "Fittest on Earth".

I WANT TEXAS ❤️ This is action. This is how we can make true change. Thank you @crossfit for taking more and more steps forward in the right direction. — #Repost @crossfit with @get_repost ・・・ CrossFit Affiliate Representatives support U.S. affiliates and facilitate bidirectional communication between affiliates and CrossFit Headquarters. Affiliate Representatives will support collectives of affiliates in various districts across the U.S. Representatives work face to face with affiliates, taking in feedback and providing an open line of communication between affiliates and HQ. They work together with local affiliates to engage in community outreach, supporting grassroots initiatives that allow affiliates to effect positive change at the local level. They then work with other teams at HQ to promote these initiatives and share them with the greater CrossFit community. We will be adding new CrossFit Affiliate Representatives over the coming weeks. If you have someone you’d like to nominate to represent your region, please send us a message at #crossfit #crossfitaffiliate

Prepping today for the BIG SHOW this weekend! Join us LIVE On YouTube Saturday and Sunday for a ground breaking competition format for The 2020 @rogueinvitational!

I love my CrossFit Community. I want to hear from my CrossFit Community. Let’s all take a moment to share some good stories that made us all fall in love with OUR CrossFit Community. #WeBuiltThisTogether

COMMUNITY. — A lot has happened that has challenged our Community inside and outside the gym — Through it all we have stood fast, we have stood strong, we have stood together — This shirt has been designed show the STRENGTH we have when we stand TOGETHER bound by one COMMON UNITY