Kobe. — Yesterday hit me in a way that I didn’t see coming. Aside from sheer shock, heartbreak for his family and utter disbelief of the tragedy... I didn’t think I would care this much. — I “sports hated” Kobe. I “sports hate” The Lakers. I loved hating that team, still do. Kobe loved it too. He loved the “hate”, the doubters, the haters and he proved us all wrong.. again, and again, and again. As much as I “hated” the player.... I realized yesterday.. I respected his game, his raw and unrlelenting competiveness to be great. And he was great. One of the greatest ever. There will never be another Kobe Bryant. Ever. — Yesterday was a sobering day. Kobe went from a basketball player.. to a Man who Lost his Life. A Father who lost his daughter. From sports icon, to human being, in one tragic moment. Everyone lost. — I still don’t understand why it’s been so hard to process. I guess in a way I grew up “with” him. Kobe was 41, I’m 37. I’m a father myself. Life perspectives have changed since I was 15 watching this “punk kid” enter the NBA trying to prove he’s better than my favorite athlete of all time in Michael Jordan. — Imagine the guts and courage Kobe had. To take on the legendary and untouchable status of the greatest of all time. To dedicate his entire Life and career to prove he was worthy of the comparison. And he was. As much as I hate to admit it. You can’t talk Kobe, without mentioning Jordan. — In the end I guess I’m just sad that it took something so horrible to truly realize the respect I have for Kobe Bryant. The man transcended Basketball, transcended all Sports. Forged a new path and process of what it takes and means to be Great. — I’m gutted to know he wanted to share the path with his daughters. With all kids dribbling a basketball in the street, dreaming of what it takes to be better than Kobe. — Yesterday was a dark day for Sports and Heroes. I pray his family and all the families that lost yesterday find peace. Hold your loved one close, tell them you Love them. Life is short and unexpected. Make every moment count. — #Kobe #RestInPeace #MambaOut

Well this is my daughters foot 🦶🏻 — Blake was about as photogenic as her mother is and decided to cover her face with her hands.... and FOOT so we couldn’t get a picture of her today. — What we do know is that she’s looking good, has cute lips and HAIR 💁🏼‍♀️ — See you soon baby girl... but not too soon... keep cooking 😍 — #BlakeAvery #DaddysGirl #IngrahamPartyOf4

I rowed 1,000,000m in 2019. — Why? A friend asked me to do it. Fun goal? Eh. Hard to do? Not really. Tough challenge? Incredibly so. — So what does it take? Simple really... just row 2,740m a day for 365 days straight. — As anyone knows it’s really not that simple. Life gets in the way. For example, every week you miss... add 250m a day... now you have to row 3,000m a day. Miss a month... make that 4,000m a day. — So why do it? — -Because it was the long game commitment. -It took Dedication. -Respect to the tiny monotonous details we don’t often pay attention to or train. -Personal accountability for an entire year. — This photo represents what it felt like doing this endeavor. — It started fun. Had training partners. Then got boring. Lost interest. Lost training partners. Confidence waned. Desire faded Kept rowing. Stayed committed. — Maybe that’s what it was all about. Commitment. To the little things. Accountability. To yourself. Fortitude. Building a better you, one brick at a time. — It was a fun test. Maybe I’ll try something like this again next year... but not on the rower. — #BrickByBrick

#TBT To when my son went full velociraptor mode for his pictures. He has never done this before. He’s never done this since. We don’t know where this came from or went 🤣🤷🏼‍♂️

7 years and still going... is it really Christmas without a picture of me and Richard at the board? I think not. — #Repost @zeuscomics with @get_repost ・・・ It’s our annual “12 Days of Christmas“ photo the 2019 edition! I’ve got one of these with @chase_ingraham going back since @crossfitbigd’s inception. The workout is done backwards just like the song 1, 2-1, 3-2-1, 4-3-2-1 etc. 12 Days of Christmas 1 bar pull-over 200m run 3 Devil Presses 50/35 4 T2B 5 box jumps 6 Deck Squats 53/35 7 plyo-push-ups (2x35lbs plates) 8 cal row 9 KBS 53/35 10 Ring MUs, 110 DUs 12 DB Curtis Ps 50/35 = 62:30

I hope my daughter loves me even half as much as Dylan loves his Mommy 😍 — Thank you @paigewalkerphotography for capturing such a beautiful moment yesterday. — #IngrahamPartyOf4