A full fridge is a happy fridge but an empty fridge is a happy gym! — We are ALL STOCKED UP with some new comers to the party! — - Kill Cliff @killcliff - Fuel for Fire @fuelforfire - Coconut Water @greaterthan - O2 Recovery Drink @drinko2recovery

COMING TO BIG D SEPTEMBER 1ST! — This immersive, one-day course covers multiple styles and strategies of flexibility training in both lecture and practical-application settings. Hands-on practice time and practical programming information will be provided for all techniques. Participants will be taught to use functional movements to guide their flexibility training and to develop strategies for improving specific movements. — The CrossFit Workshop: Flexibility provides detailed information about: — 1.) How much flexibility is necessary for increasing fitness. — 2.) The basic influence of the nervous system on an athlete's ability to display range of motion. — 3.) How to use foundational CrossFit movements to spot range-of-motion deficiencies. — 4.) Development of daily pre-workout, post-workout and stand-alone flexibility training sessions.

And here we thought we were doing SuperHERO training... we should have known! — #Repost @zeuscomics with @get_repost ・・・ 14 years later - Ready for my return! #VillainsNeverDie #Syndrome #incredibles2 #PostWorkoutHair

Runs in the Family!! Good Luck @victoriaathornton!! — #Repost @bigdbarbell with @get_repost ・・・ Today 8pm EST/7pm CST @victoriaathornton lifts at youth nationals!!! We are so proud of her and know she is going to do epic!!! Live stream at USA Weightlifting website blue platform!! #strongertogether #itsokiguess #spoonbarbell #bigdbarbell

Adaptive Training Seminar coming to CrossFit Big D October 14th!! — The CrossFit Specialty Course: Adaptive Training is an interactive single-day course designed to teach trainers and athletes how to make CrossFit accessible to impaired athletes. Participants will learn how to train athletes with a wide range of impairments, from non-permanent (trauma, injury or illness) to permanent (congenital disorders, combat trauma, automobile accidents, etc.). — Through lecture and hands-on practical sessions, participants will learn about adaptive training theory and methods, as well as specific strategies for adapting individual movements and entire workouts. Participants will learn how to develop a single-day class plan (including warm-ups, progressions and cool-downs), practice programming multiple training days, and develop a long-term training plan for impaired athletes (from temporarily impaired to permanently adaptive). — Attendees will receive access to additional training resources and education, and the seminar staff and adaptive community will provide ongoing support.

Happy Birthday Coach Richard!! — If anyone has been around the gym and has had the pleasure of being coached by this man you know how incredible Richard is. Richard owns @zeuscomics right across the street from us but gives so much of his free time to Big D and it’s members. — On top of being a phenomenal coach and athlete, more importantly he’s just a great human being and a foundational pillar that supports our community at large. — Today is your day Richard, and we give thanks for all you do. Happy Birthday!

LET’S GO JULZ!!! — Big D Athlete Julz Kennedy @ju1kenn competing at USAW Nationals today!! #BigDBarbell #LiftBIG #ItsYourDay #JulzGotMoves