A full whiteboard is a happy whiteboard! — If you want to follow along with our weekly programming and the results of our gym each day follow us @bigdwhiteboard !! #BigDWhiteboard #BestWhiteboardInCrossFit

4TH OF JULY SCHEDULE: — Monday: - Normal Hours Tuesday: - Normal Hours Wednesday: - 8:00/10:00am Class Only Thursday: - NO MORNING CLASS - 4:00/5:00/6:00/7:00pm Only Friday: - Normal Hours

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It was an honor and a privilege to host the @crossfittraining Level 2 Seminar this weekend. Congratulations to all the trainers taking the next step in their coaching journey! #CrossFitTraining #Level2

A full fridge is a happy fridge but an empty fridge is a happy gym! — We are ALL STOCKED UP with some new comers to the party! — - Kill Cliff @killcliff - Fuel for Fire @fuelforfire - Coconut Water @greaterthan - O2 Recovery Drink @drinko2recovery

COMING TO BIG D SEPTEMBER 1ST! — This immersive, one-day course covers multiple styles and strategies of flexibility training in both lecture and practical-application settings. Hands-on practice time and practical programming information will be provided for all techniques. Participants will be taught to use functional movements to guide their flexibility training and to develop strategies for improving specific movements. — The CrossFit Workshop: Flexibility provides detailed information about: — 1.) How much flexibility is necessary for increasing fitness. — 2.) The basic influence of the nervous system on an athlete's ability to display range of motion. — 3.) How to use foundational CrossFit movements to spot range-of-motion deficiencies. — 4.) Development of daily pre-workout, post-workout and stand-alone flexibility training sessions.