Regional Training for CrossFit Big D’s Athletes is in FULL swing. — This means long days, lots of volume which requires A LOT of recovery. — @myopux Stem Units to help muscle recovery and @leopard_claw Scraping tool to get those tough kinks out of the muscles will play a huge role in keeping our Athletes on top of their game! #Myopux #LeopardClaw #Recovery #CrossFitGames #RoadToRegionals

Time to Represent our Big D Athletes competing at Regionals!! #Repost @mlouwomack with @get_repost ・・・ REGIONAL BOUND!! And I’m so excited to get the opportunity to accept my individual invitation this year that I made shirts for anyone wanting to support!! Everything on this shirt has a story and @competeeveryday couldn’t have done a better job in helping me make my vision come to life. • • If you’d like one they are $25 and orders are due next Friday April 20th. You can pay via Venmo, Apple Pay or FB Messenger! Just message me or text me with what you want!!! 🙌🏼🙆🏼‍♀️

Saying Goodbye to one of our OG 6amers!! Excited for the next adventure you have ahead of you in Denver, Dave! #Repost @jadersp with @get_repost ・・・ Saying goodbye to one of the morning crew’s favorites! Good luck in Denver, Dave!! 6am... 6:05am won’t be the same! #bigthingshappening @crossfitbigd #morningcrew @koyushoyu @00.lexie.00 @zeuscomics @chase_ingraham

Hands down one of the BEST lifting meets in Texas! #Repost @three_ring with @get_repost ・・・ It’s a Good Friday to hop on over to to register for Lock and Load! Still quite a few spots available! @melfastest #easterpuns #weightlifting

We LOVE this! Those who know, know. Those who don’t... well your first class with us is always FREE. Come find out for yourself 😉 #Repost @patbarbercf with @get_repost ・・・ This is a great post. Read up. • Repost from @activeliferx Great coaches love this post. . Great coaches love this post because they want their members to know how great they have it. . Great coaches know that their members don’t know what they don’t know and if they didn’t come from another gym, then they don’t know that “this” is not how it is done everywhere. . Great coaches read this and snicker at it. . Other coaches... . Well, they’re pissed at us now. . #ActiveLifeRx #Truth #ShakeUp #TurnPro

COMING TO BIG D FRIDAY NIGHT!!! — We are excited to have 2010 Labs, @2010labs Simply Pre Workout here for 18.5! — Simply Pre is the FIRST all natural, no BS Pre Workout System that naturally cycles your body on and off their 4 Pre Workout formulas so your body never becomes use to the same thing! You constantly vary your work outs, why not constantly vary your Pre Workout!? — They will be giving out samples and hanging with us all evening!

We have an opportunity to decide our own fate!!! #Repost @thedavecastro with @get_repost ・・・ #18point5. You guys get to pick which we suffer through. Tomorrow at 3pm pacific for announcement of workout options and ability to vote.

GUILTY!! 🤷🏼‍♂️ #Repost @theoverheardpress with @get_repost ・・・ "The poorly designed triplet ravaged Jaeger’s usually spry 6 A.M. class. 'We trusted her, and she lead us right into a trap,' said one member. 'I’m done being a guinea pig. I’ll be at the lunch class from now on.'" #CrossFit