Melissa "Mel" Knourek

Olympic Lifting Coach

Mel joined the CrossFit Community in March 2008. Quickly advancing along and finishing 7th in the 2010 Regionals. However, she struggled being a lighter weight competitor and lacked the strength with the barbell. She took a year off of CF to focus on a lifting program. Her first weightlifting meet she qualified for Nationals and has never really looked back. She is a well-known respected master lifter in Texas, across the US, and internationally.

Mel works a full time job on top of coaching, so she understands the work/athlete balance; and is able to help the athletes adjust each day to get optimal performance. She is a constant burst of enthusiasm and always making you believe in yourself. Mel served in the US Marine Corps and plays co-ed adult league ice hockey.

Coaching Accolades:

USAW National Level Coach

USAW National Referee

Athletic Accomplishments:

Athletic Accomplishments:

Achieved Masters Grand Slam Award

3x Masters World Champion

National Champion

2x Pan Am Champion

Multiple 2nd Place international placements