This is the fitness program that started the revolution we know and love today. Big D's CrossFit Program is centered around our strong belief in maximizing human physical and mental potential with general physical preparedness. Our grassroots CrossFit program optimizes our athletes work capacity and strength through constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we are just trying to make the wheel bigger, faster, and stronger.


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CrossFit Monday

5 Sets: 1 every 6 min

50 Double Unders

20 KBS at 53/35#

20 Goblet Squats at 53/35#


CrossFit Tuesday

Clean - Heavy Single in 15 min

- Rest 5 min -

EMOM for 15 min:

- 1 Clean at 80%

- Max Cleans in Final Minute


CrossFit Wednesday

5 Rounds:

250m Row

15 Push Jerks at 135/95#


CrossFit Thursday

"Bring a Friend Day"

Bring a friend to try a CrossFit Class with us here at CrossFit Big D.

Come one. Come all. Come all at once.

Free Classes for anyone and everyone today!

2 Rounds:

800m Run

30 Alt. DB Snatch at 70/50#


CrossFit Friday

For Time:

2000m Row

1600m Run

100 Burpees


CrossFit Saturday

Open Gym: 8:00am - 10:00am

- Make up something you missed

- Work on something you suck at


Free CrossFit Workout: 10:00am

- Come try our community out and see what CrossFit Big D is all about!