6 Athlete Team Competition

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Lonestar Shootout

CrossFit Big D is proud to present The "Lone Star Shootout". This is going to be a Texas sized Team Competition with 3 men and 3 women on each team that is held at Southfork Ranch in North Texas. Want to know how you affiliate will stack up against the best in the Region this coming competition season? Well sign up and shoot it out with the best and see where you stack up!



  • A Regional Caliber Competition deserves Regional Quality Equipment/ Rogue Fitness has signed on to be the official Equipment Sponsor for the Lone Star Shootout!


  • Compete Every Day embodies the spirit of Competition in our daily lives. We can think of no better way to outfit out Competitors and Volunteers than with the designs and spirit of Compete Every Day. All shirts designed and printed by Compete Every Day and you can get their gear onsite on competition day.


  • The leader in Performance Menswear, Mizzen+Main is the original and more innovative company on the market. Top Men athletes for both RX and Scaled teams will receive a gift certificate for one Free Mizzen+Main shirt.


  • Competition and Lululemon go hand it hand all the way back to the O.G. days of Fitness! We are proud of have Lululemon apart of Lone Star Shootout this year as they will be donating a $100 Gift to every female athlete on the winning teams for both Scaled and RX Division!


  • The pioneers of the Recovery Center world, formally known as CryoUSA has now evolved and improved into Phoenix Regen Center. This year to promote their new services and locations they will be donating a Free Recovery Pack to each member of the winning Team for both Scaled and RX Division. Recovery pack will include a "30 min Normatec + 1 Free Cryo Session"! They will also be providing massage therapists for all athletes through the competition.


  • Kill Cliff, Inc was founded by a former Navy SEAL who grew tired of using motrin and caffeine-laden drinks to refuel his body after his daily workouts. Kill Cliff is a functional recovery drink made up of B, C, and E vitamins, electrolytes, and plant extracts including ginger root, green tea extract, and ginseng root powder as well as a unique enzyme blend. Kill Cliff will be providing 4-Pack for ALL podium finishers as well as a set at Vendor Village so come check them out!


  • Ascent Native Fuel™ Whey Protein is the go-to post-workout recovery drink to optimize muscle health and performance. They have cut out the over processed middle man and just took it straight from the dairy farms themselves. All podium finishers will receiver a shaker bottle plus post workout and pre-bedtime protein to keep the muscles recovered and refueled.


  • Virtuosity Shop is your "One Stop. CrossFit Shop" located in Dallas, TX for ALL your CrossFit accessory and apparel needs. This year Virtuosity shop is donating 6 Assault Bikes for our competition as well as donating shirts to all our event winners!






- December 17th, 2016


- Southfork Ranch 30 min North of Dallas at 3700 Hogge Drive Parker, Tx 75002



Southfork Ranch

3700 Hogge Dr, Parker, TX 75002

Drive up to GATES 3 OR 4


- Parking will be $10 Per Vehicle

- There is NO SPECTATOR FEE, spectators can come for FREE


- Friday Night 6pm - 8pm @ Southfork Ranch

- Saturday Morning 8am - 9am @ Southfork Ranch


9:00am - Mandatory Athlete Briefing

10:00am - Event 1

11:00am - Event 2

12:00pm - Event 3/4

1:00pm - Event 5

2:00pm - Finals for Scaled Teams

3:00pm - Finals for RX Teams

4:00pm - Award Ceremony

4:30pm - Pre-Purchased Equipment can be picked up


- No outside food or drink is allowed other than for athletes

- Food and drinks will be provided on site for purchase all day

- Beer, Wine, Coffee, Water and Hot Chocolate is available

- Cash/Card is acceptable and ATMs will be available on site

For More Info Contact:




Event #1: “O.K. CORRAL”

RX Division:

20 Cal Row

20 Box Jump Overs at 24”/20”

20 Burpees to Plate

20 DB Thrusters at 45#/30#

20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

SCALED Division:

20 Cal Row

20 Box Jump Overs at 24”/20”

20 Burpees to Plate

20 DB Thrusters at 30#/20#

20 Chin Over Bar Pull-Ups

- This is a Conga Line Style event where one person leads out the rest of the team. First athlete can advance as fast as her or she wants but the rest for the cannot move forward until the first athlete has moved onto their next station.

- There is no required order of athletes, you can choose any order you wish.

- Time will stop once the LAST athlete crosses the finish line.

- TIME CAP: 15 MIN + 1” for every rep NOT completed by the final athlete.



Must complete all 20 cal BEFORE feet can come out of the straps to advance to the next station.


Athletes must start facing one side of the box and jump either ON and OFF or OVER the box for the rep to count. ATHLETES MAY NOT JUMP LATERALLY and must jump off and land with two feet. If you jump onto the box, you are allow to step off with one foot at a time. Athletes are allowed to clear the box entirely so long as they land with both feet on the group simultaneously. SCALED ATHLETES may STEP OVER the box but must come to a complete extension at the top of the box.


Athlete must start in the standing position. At bottom of the burpee the athletes CHEST must make full contact with the ground. Athletes then may jump up or step up to the plate and show full lock out of HIPS and KNEES with both feet clearly established on top of the plate before they can step or jump off.


Athlete must start in a standing position with dumbbells in hand and cannot clean Dumbbells from the floor before the rep starts. Athletes can however hang clean their first rep once they have stood up with dumbbells in hand. The athlete must pass below parallel to the bottom of the squats where the crease of the hip is CLEARLY below the crest/top of the knee cap. Athletes must stand up all the way in one smooth motion press dumbbells overhead to a full locked out position. A Locked out position must have the arms, shoulders, hips and knee all open and stacked on top one another. Not locking out any of these (knees, hips, shoulders, arms) will result in a NO REP. Furthermore, athletes MAY NOT DROP THE WEIGHTS upon finishing their final rep. If they do so, they must repeat that final repetition.


Athlete start in fully extended hanging positions on the pull up rig. Completion of the rep counts when the athlete has pulled themselves to clear contact with the pull up bar. Clear contact can be anywhere and athletes shirt would cover on their body. Any grip or kipping style is allowed.


Athlete start in fully extended hanging positions on the pull up rig. Completion of the rep counts when the athlete has pulled their chin to clearly over the horizontal plane of the pull up bar. Clearly over the horizontal plane require the end of the chin to be well over the top of the pull up bar. Any grip or kipping style is allowed.


RX Division:

21 - 15 - 9

Synchronized Overhead Squats at 135/95#

Synchronized Toes to Bar

Scaled Division:

21 - 15 - 9

Synchronized Overhead Squats at 95/65#

Synchronized Toes to Bar

- This is a Male and Female paired event with a combination Synchronization and Relay. Every team will break up in 3 Male/Female paired and may choose any order they wish. Each pair will run through the ENTIRE workload before they run and tag the next pair to go. Time will stop once the final pair crosses the finish line.

- TIME CAP: 15 min + 1” for every rep not competed by team


- Athletes must the synchronized at the bottom of squats with both athletes having hips below top/crest of the knee. Both athlete must be synchronized at the top of the squat with knee and hips extended. ATHLETES CAN WAIT FOR THE OTHER AT BOTTOM OR TOP in case of falling, bar dropping or slow squats but they cannot stand up or start the next rep without the judge clearing them to do so .


- Both athletes toes MUST touch the cross bar at the EXACT same time. Both heels must go behind the vertical plane of the crossbar but they do not have to cross at the same time. Only synchronized requirement is at the top of the toes to bar.


RX Division:

Event #3 Men Only:

50 Deadlifts at 315#

50 Front Squats at 225#

50 Clean and Jerk at 135#


Event #4 Women Only:

50 Deadlifts at 225#

50 Front Squats at 155#

50 Clean and Jerk at 95#

SCALED Division:

Event #3 Men Only:

50 Deadlifts at 255#

50 Front Squats at 185#

50 Clean and Jerk at 115#


Event #4 Women Only:

50 Deadlifts at 155#

50 Front Squats at 105#

50 Clean and Jerk at 75#

- Events #3 and #4 is for time and scored separately as 3 Men and 3 Women will work together in their trio to complete all repetitions in the workout.

- There is no minimum work requirement for each section per athlete. Ex: If someone does not want to do deadlifts they do not have to.

- Movements will be performed on one bar and in three movement sections. Athletes are responsible for removing their own weights and rolling bar forward to next movement section.



- Bar must start own the ground and athletes must stand up with knee and hips extended with shoulders and head CLEARLY behind the bar. Only a tradition deadlift form will be allowed no sumo deadlift. Athletes ARE NOT allowed to bounce the weights. IF an athlete is using the momentum from the top of the deadlift to gain a mechanical advantage by slamming the bar into the ground it will be deemed a no rep and the athletes MUST DROP THE BAR before they can continue.


- Athletes may clean the first rep so long as they pass though the bottom part of the squat where the crease of the hip is below the crest/top of the knee cap. At the top of the lift, athletes must stand up all the way where the knees and hip are completely open and locked out. 1 Athlete is working at a time for all movements, however, the other two athletes CAN help the athlete working get the bar in the rack position is needed.


- Athletes will take the bar from the ground to shoulder and shoulder to overhead. They DO NOT need to pass through a squat to do so. The bar however MUST MAKE CONTACT in the racked position before the bar can be pressed over head. Each rep must start from the ground, pass through the front racked position and then pressed over head. Athletes can choose any style of overhead press they wish but must come to a full lock out overhead with knee, hips and shoulders and elbows extended with the bar CLEARLY over the top of the head in line with the ears.


RX Division:

30 Wall Ball Shots at 30/20#

“Surprise Pulling Movement”

30’ Handstand Walk

SCALED Division:

30 Wall Ball Shots at 20/14#

“Surprise Pulling Movement”

30’ Overhead Walking Lunge with 45/25# Plate

- This is a relay style event. One athlete will be working at a time and will tag the next athlete in line to go.

- Teams may choose any order of athletes they wish there is no required order.

- The next teammate cannot advanced to the start of their workout until the first athlete has complete crossed the finish line.

- Time Cap: 20 min + 1” penalty for every rep NOT completely by remaining team members.



- Athletes can pick up the ball from the ground and start as long as they achieve the proper depth prior to standing up to throw the ball. At the bottom of every rep the athlete must show CLEAR depth below parallel with the crease of the hip below the crest/top of the knee. Ball must hit the FRONT FACE of the target for the rep count. IF the ball hits the bottom of the target it will be a no rep and the athlete must complete the FULL repetition in order to achieve a good rep


- Movement and standards will be announced prior to the start of this event


- Athletes must traverse 30 feet on their hands to complete this portion of the event. The corse will be divided into 3 x 10’ foot sections which must be unbroken or the athlete has to return to the previous starting position. Feet must start behind the starting line of each section and BOTH HANDS must clear the designed distance markers COMPLETELY before the athlete can come down. IF any part of the hands is touching the line when the athlete comes down that will be considered a no rep and they must go back to their previous starting position. Athletes must walk forward, no side walks or reverse walks.


- Athletes must have plate over their head before starting their walk down the competition floor. Plates may not touch the athletes head and must be held above the top of the head at all times. A full arm lock out is not required. When lunging the athlete’s KNEE MUST TOUCH THE GROUND before they can stand up. BOTH FEET MUST COME TOGETHER in the middle of the movement where knees and hips are fully locked out BEFORE the athlete can take their next lunge. Athletes are NOT ALLOWED to step past the other foot without making contact together in the middle. BOTH feet must CLEARLY cross the finish line before the athlete can finish.


RX Division:

10 Bar Muscle Ups

20 Cal Assault Bike

10 Alt. DB Snatch at 100/70#

SCALED Division:

10 Burpee Chest to Bar Pull Ups

20 Cal Assault Bike

10 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch at 70/50#

- The final event will have 6 separate scored events

- This event will test the individuals on each team against each other

- 3 Female Athletes will go followed by the 3 male athletes

- You may choose any order you wish as long as the gender order stays the same of 3 and 3

- Scoring system will be adjusted to account for the number of teams in the finals

- Time Cap: 3 mins + 1” penalty for every rep not completed



- Rep must begin with athlete hanging in a full locked out position. As the athlete moves through the repetition at no point in time may the athletes toes RISE ABOVE THE PULL UP BAR. At the top of the rep, the athlete must have FULL CONTROL AT THE TOP with elbows fully locked out in an extended top position of the dip, with hips/thighs in contact with the bar. IF the athlete pulls above the bar and descends to the next rep without their hips or thighs touching the bar at the top of the dip along with locked elbows that repetition will not count


- Athletes will start in a standing position before descending in their burpee. At the bottom of the burpee the CHEST MUST TOUCH THE GROUND no other body part is required. STOMACH OR DIAPHRAGM will not count. Once the athlete has made contact with the ground they may do any movements they wish to jump up to the bar and pull their chest to make contact with the pull up bar. Athletes may use any grip or kip they wish as long as CLEAR contact is made with the chest


- All bikes will stat from 0 Cal on the monitor and athletes WILL NOT be permitted to take their hands and feet off the bike until 20 Cal is reached and judge approves them to move on


- All reps with start with the Dumbbell on the ground. In one fluid motion the athlete must take the dumbbell from the ground and finish with CLEAR CONTROL of the dumbbell overhead. For the repetition to count the athletes knees, hip, shoulders and elbows must the fully locked out with the dumbbell CLEARLY over the top of the head. IF the weights touches any other part shoulder or other hand on the way up that is a no rep. IF the athlete DROPS the dumbbell at any point in time that will be considered a no rep.