We are proud of our elite coaching staff at CrossFit Big D. Our coaches are experienced trainers, programmers, and competitors with a proven track record of success.


Chase Ingraham

When Chase opened CrossFit Big D in 2014 he had one mission: create a healthy competitive atmosphere supported by a strong passionate community, both inside and outside the gym.

Chase is one of the most experienced coaches in Dallas as well as the owner and head coach of CrossFit Big D. He has been active in the CrossFit community since 2008 and continuously brings his passion for fitness and love of Crossfit to the BIG D community.

Chase is a Head Trainer with the CrossFit HQ Level 1 Seminar Staff with additional certifications as a Level 2 Certified Trainer plus certifications in CrossFit Endurance and Olympic Weightlifting. He has always been involved sports and tests of endurance. Chase has personally programed for, hand selected and coached 4 teams to the CrossFit Games, and 2 Individuals at the CrossFit Games Regional level.

Personally, Chase has qualified for 5 CrossFit Games Regionals and competed as an individual at the 2010 CrossFit Games. Outside the box he has completed a Full Ironman, was the Men's Swim Team Captain at Southern Methodist University and an All-American water polo player in high school.

When he's not coaching, competing, or teaching CrossFit seminars he can also be heard doing live broadcasting for the CrossFit Opens, Regionals and Games.


Jordan Nixon

Jordan is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach with an additional certification as a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer.

Jordan is a fitness and wellness enthusiast that stumbled upon CrossFit in 2011. He grew up a multi-sport athlete with a background in Cross Country in college as well as basketball and football in High School.

Jordan graduated college from at Texas Tech University with a B.S. in Exercise Sports Science. After graduating from college, Jordan began coaching CrossFit in Lubbock, TX.

He has a unique understanding that fitness and wellness - especially CrossFit - and believes it is a journey for everyone; and each person has a different path. Jordan’s true passion lies with coaching and leading each member down their respected path. He believes “each journey has a story, and with each story, a relationship is established - that shapes into a friendship - that ultimately builds a community.”